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If you are considering buying a property in Northern Cyprus then choosing the right consultant is your first and most important decision.

Our sister company Cyprus Paradise, a leading tour operator, has established a sound network of local companies and with our own associates, all carefully selected for professionalism, reputation and quality of service, we are the best placed people to help you.

When you make the decision you can rely upon our guidance and have complete peace of mind. Our service is completely free to you as a customer and will certainly save you time and money from searching on your own.

Property developers in Northern Cyprus set their prices so each individual property will cost you the same regardless of the agent you use. However, using our contacts and our established reputation in North Cyprus we are able to secure special deals and payment terms for our customers.

We aim to exceed your expectations and make your property purchase an enjoyable and stress-free experience.                                                                                               

Please feel free to contact us directly or by completing the online contact form below.

If you are in resort and would like us to come and meet you please either ask your TourPlus Representative or  contact us directly by any of the Social Media Apps and local mobile numbers listed on this page.

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